Turf Laying Company in Harpenden

Getting quality turfing work done in Harpenden doesn't have to be a hassle. As experienced lawn turf layers, we know that a well-executed turf laying project can transform your garden lawn. Whether you're looking to prepare and level the ground, need lawn resurfacing to remove an old lawn, or simply need topsoil and fresh turf supplied and laid, a quality turf job can significantly enhance the aesthetics and usability of your outdoor space.

When it comes to the types of turf we use, we've got you covered. Natural grass turf is always a popular choice, perfect for that classic garden feel. Artificial grass turf is also a hit, especially if you're after a low-maintenance option. And if you have a unique space like ornamental or rooftop gardens, shade-tolerant turf works wonders in less sunny areas, adding a burst of green where you might not expect it.


All Types of Turfing

  • Front and Back Gardens
  • Play Areas for Children
  • Pet-Friendly Zones
  • Decorative Accents
  • Rooftop Gardens or Terraces
  • Shade Gardens
  • Outdoor Entertaining Spaces
  • Poolside Areas
  • Garden Landscaping and Borders
  • Natural Grass Turf
  • Artificial Grass Turf
  • Ornamental Grass Turf
  • Shade-Tolerant Turf
  • Low-Maintenance Turf
  • Drought-Resistant Turf
  • Meadow Turf
  • Natural Grass Turf

Our Turfing Work

More About Us

We're Pine Landscapes, a family business covering the entire Hertfordshire county. What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and reliability. All of our work is guaranteed, which gives you peace of mind. Big job or small, we treat them all with the same attention to detail.

If you're in need of turfing in Harpenden (AL5, AL3), know that we've got over 30 years of turfing experience, making us your local turfing contractors you can trust for lawn repair and more. If you're keen to get started, give us a call for a free, competitive quote.