Turf Laying Company in Sandy

A patchy, uneven lawn can be a real eyesore and make you wish you could start from scratch. With turf laying, you don't just cover up the issue... you solve it. By preparing and leveling the ground, lawn resurfacing to remove the old lawn, and finally supplying and laying fresh turf, your garden can go from dull to dynamite in no time.

When it comes to the types of turf we offer, you've got choices. Natural grass turf gives that traditional, green look. Artificial grass turf is great if you want to minimize maintenance. And for those with shaded gardens, shade-tolerant turf is a game-changer. Each type adds something different, so think about your garden's specific needs.


All Types of Turfing

  • Front and Back Gardens
  • Play Areas for Children
  • Pet-Friendly Zones
  • Decorative Accents
  • Rooftop Gardens or Terraces
  • Shade Gardens
  • Outdoor Entertaining Spaces
  • Poolside Areas
  • Garden Landscaping and Borders
  • Natural Grass Turf
  • Artificial Grass Turf
  • Ornamental Grass Turf
  • Shade-Tolerant Turf
  • Low-Maintenance Turf
  • Drought-Resistant Turf
  • Meadow Turf
  • Natural Grass Turf

Our Turfing Work

More About Us

Rooted in family values and craftsmanship, our core identity is all about delivering quality. Operating in Bedfordshire, we make reliability and quality non-negotiables, and that's why all our work comes with a guarantee. No job too big or small; we handle them all with the same commitment.

As for Sandy (SG19), we've been the go-to turfing contractors in this area for more than three decades. Our Sandy turf laying service has built up a reputation for solid work and customer satisfaction. Hundreds of lawns repaired and clients left smiling, and you could be next. For a free, competitive, and honest estimate, don’t hesitate to give us a call.