Turf Laying Company in Wootton

You're here because your garden or property needs a facelift, and you're considering turfing to get the job done. As professional lawn turf layers in Wootton, we can say you're on the right track. Turfing can transform a patchy or worn-out lawn into a lush, green space. Prepare and level the ground, lay some topsoil, and with freshly laid turf, your garden will be the inviting outdoor space you’ve been aiming for.

When it comes to styles, we’ve got options. Natural grass turf is a classic pick and works well for most residential gardens. If you've got a shaded area that needs some love, shade-tolerant turf is a game-changer. For those who aren’t too keen on maintenance, our low-maintenance turf options can save you time and still keep your garden looking great.


All Types of Turfing

  • Front and Back Gardens
  • Play Areas for Children
  • Pet-Friendly Zones
  • Decorative Accents
  • Rooftop Gardens or Terraces
  • Shade Gardens
  • Outdoor Entertaining Spaces
  • Poolside Areas
  • Garden Landscaping and Borders
  • Natural Grass Turf
  • Artificial Grass Turf
  • Ornamental Grass Turf
  • Shade-Tolerant Turf
  • Low-Maintenance Turf
  • Drought-Resistant Turf
  • Meadow Turf
  • Natural Grass Turf

Our Turfing Work

More About Us

We're a family-run business based in Bedfordshire and we pride ourselves on our straightforward approach. High-quality work and reliability aren't just buzzwords for us; they're our standard practice. We guarantee all our work so you can be confident you're making a solid investment. Big garden, small lawn; we’re up for it all.

Focusing on Wootton (MK43), we're turfing contractors with 3 decades of experience and countless satisfied customers to vouch for our expertise. Whether you need a full turf laying service or some straightforward lawn repair, we're the local experts you can count on. So, if you want an honest, competitive quote, just give us a ring.