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Finding the right fencing solution for your garden or property can be straightforward. Whether you need decorative fences for aesthetics, privacy fences for seclusion, or security fencing for protection, the right choice can elevate the look and functionality of your space.

As professional fencing contractors in Bedfordshire, we ensure all fencing is supplied and fitted with precision, including fence repair services.

Our range of options includes popular larch lap fences for traditional appeal, Venetian fences for a modern touch, or durable composite fencing for longevity. These styles cater to various needs, including in both residential gardens and commercial properties in Bedfordshire.

All Kinds of Fencing

  • Decorative Fences: Add beauty to your property with unique designs like Venetian and Wrought Iron Fences, customized to suit your landscape.
  • Post and Rail Fences: Often found on farms and expansive properties, these fences serve as clear boundary markers.
  • Privacy Fences: Using styles like Larch Lap Fences, Traditional Close Board Fences, and Overlap Panel Fences to create a private space, especially in back gardens.
  • Modern/Contemporary Fences: Embrace a blend of modern style and practicality with these sleek and up-to-date designs.
  • Chain Link Fencing: Ideal for security without blocking the view, this fencing option is both durable and affordable.
  • Palisade Fencing: With vertical stakes of metal or wood, this strong fencing type is commonly used for commercial properties.
  • Weldmesh Fencing: Built to resist weather and vandalism, it’s a preferred choice for securing industrial and commercial spaces.
  • Security Fencing: Designed with a focus on safety, these fences are suited for areas requiring high levels of security.
  • Bamboo Fencing: This eco-friendly option provides a distinct natural look and is often utilized for decorative reasons.
  • Composite Fencing: Combining wood and plastic, these fences give the beauty of wood without the maintenance hassle.
  • PVC Fencing: Lightweight and weather-resistant, this option is an economical way to maintain your boundaries.
  • Trellis Fences: Popular for supporting climbing plants, these fences add charm to any garden.
  • Picket Fences: Recognized for spaced vertical boards, they’re a classic choice for front garden boundaries.
  • Feather Edge Fences: Constructed with tapered boards to form a solid barrier, offering both privacy and boundary protection.

Our Fencing Work

Including Specialty Fences & Gates

  • Entrance Gates: Make a lasting first impression with various styles, such as Decorative Gates, to complement your property.
  • Garden Gates: Enhance garden security without sacrificing aesthetics, with designs that blend into your outdoor environment.
  • Driveway Gates: Boost your entrance’s appeal and security, with options including Automatic and Electric Gates.
  • Pedestrian Gates: Tailored for walkways, these gates are a common sight along public paths and pavements.
  • Security Gates: Sturdily built with additional locks and features, these gates are designed for maximum property protection.
  • Farm-style gates: Capture a rural essence with traditional wood or metal designs, ideal for farm entrances or countryside properties.
  • Boundary Fences: Define your property lines with styles that can be customized to fit your property’s appearance.
  • Noise Barrier Fences: Specifically engineered to lessen noise from traffic or neighboring areas, enhancing your property’s tranquility.
  • Windbreak Fences: Shield your outdoor spaces from strong winds, increasing the comfort and enjoyment of your property.

About Pine Landscapes

As a family-run business covering the entire county of Bedfordshire, we focus on delivering a top-notch fencing service tailored to the needs of our clients.

Whether it’s a small decorative project or a comprehensive security installation, our commitment to quality is unwavering.

Our local fencing installers have amassed 30+ years of experience, satisfying hundreds of customers with our expert fitters. Call us for a free and competitive quote. There’s no obligation, just a friendly chat about how we can make your fencing project happen.